Are our products Australian Made?

  • Yes all of our products are 100% Australian Made.

Will I see a design proof?

  • For all custom signs and artwork - Yes, after payment is made, we always provide a design proof via email for your review prior to production. We do not commence work without your written approval.

Can you customise designs?

  • Yes, we can customise our signs and artwork to suit your requirements. For our signs this can be done within our website online ordering area. We can also customise our artwork please contact us to discuss further.
    We always send a design proof for review and approval prior to manufacture.

Do you work off photo's?

  • If you do not see the image you would like to use on our website, we may be able design this for you. This would incur an additional design fee and would need to be assessed individually.

Can you do my Logo?

  • Yes, we can cut logo's.
    We are mindful of copyright issues, so if you own the logo it is best to send this to us via email for review. Please go to our website contact us page for further details.

What sizes can you do?

  • We are limited only be the material sheet sizes available for the material you select.
    We are limited more by smaller work as details may be lost or structural integrity may be of a concern.
    It would be best to individually assess your requirements if you wish to decrease the size of the artwork \ signage.

Can you change the size of the sign \ artwork?

  • Yes, we can change the sizes of our products, we can always increase the size however if we reduce the size we may need to alter the image.
    We are limited only be the sheet sizes available for the material you select.
    Please contact us for further details.

How long for delivery?

  • For items that we carry in stock we endeavour to send these ASAP, within a few business days of ordering.
    For Made to Order or Customised work (such as farm signs), delivery will take approximately 4-16 weeks depending upon options and finish selected.
    If you are wanting delivery for a specific date please advise upon order and we will endeavour to get this to you in time. We can also supply a Gift Certificate which can include the design of the sign selected.

Information on Mounting and Maintenance

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